• Charlottetown Beer Garden & Seafood Patio (map)
  • 190 Kent Street
  • Charlottetown, PE, C1A 1P2
  • Canada

The Tom Fun Orchestra have pissed a few people off and made a lot of other people happy. Sometimes these groups overlap. In its years of touring around the world in its trusty Garbage Plane, the band has broken stages, mended hearts, rescued wildlife, won some awards, danced with robots, painted the world with a weird-assed brush and did it to the eardrums of the unsuspecting masses. These days the band generally hides out in its secret laboratory whistling the songs of an island kingdom. Now is the time to focus your energies on losing your mind. . . if only just for one night. 

Like a Motorcycle is Halifax's favourite gutter nuisance. They drink from a handheld canon called a whisky gun and they are better than your band. They have a new album coming out in autumn of 2016 so come see them in a small venue while you still can.